France: First out gay MP gets married

Luc Carvounas has become the first gay French parliamentarian to tie the knot since same-sex marriage was legalized in May 2013. The Socialist Party senator said yes to his partner Stéphane Exposito to cheers and applause at the town hall in Alfortville, where he is also the mayor.

‘This is a great day for me and I’m happy to share it,’ Carvounas, 44, said. 'The people of Alfortville know who I am. For ten days, I have had nothing but positive feedback that counterbalances what is happening on social networks.’ Carvounas filed two complaints of homophobic threats to himself and his partner, which led to the arrest and conviction of a man on Friday.

The wedding was also an occasion that brought a divided left together. Prime Minister Manuel Valls, President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone and First Secretary of the Socialist Party Jean-Christophe Cambadélis were among the nearly 300 guests.

‘This is both normal and symbolic. This is the implementation of a law, a breath of liberty and of tolerance,’ the PM said. Although more than 8,000 gay couples have married in France, gay marriage opponents – including former president Nicolas Sarkozy – are calling for the ‘marriage for all’ law to be repealed.  Read More