Nigeria: Gay, bisexual men report more fear in healthcare after law

Gay and bisexual men in Nigeria are reporting increased reluctance to access healthcare. While consensual sexual relationships between men were already illegal in Nigeria, the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, signed into law in January 2014, prohibited participation in organizations supporting gay people or attempts at any kind of civil same-sex relationship.

There were reports of arrests and torture following the enactment of the law, according to a paper published in The Lancet HIV. Since the law took effect, men who have sex with men may fear that the benefits of medical care don't outweigh the risks. The study suggests "that they think the (benefit) of HIV prevention care isn't worth remaining in a system that could potentially out them," she said.

Schwartz and her colleagues analyzed data from 707 gay and bisexual men in Nigeria who were receiving HIV prevention and treatment services from a community-based clinic in 2013 and 2014. Read More