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US: The extremism of anti-LGBTQ powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom

The extremism of anti-LGBTQ powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom” is an interactive research book outlining the anti-LGBTQ positions of the influential legal powerhouse Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

India: Not just Section 377, the law isn’t straight for a queer person

As the SC hears the petition against Section 377, there are certain issues that remain unanswered for a queer person. 'The Law isn't Straight: A Queer Person's Guide to Accessing Rights' is an attempt to help queer people navigate through their daily lives.

India: This is what it was like growing up queer in India when homosexuality was illegal

Just before I was about to enter the airport my mum burst out crying before whispering ‘take care of yourself, don’t take harsh decisions. Remember you don’t belong to just yourself but to a family and a society.’ I couldn’t wait to get to the UK, I already knew I was queer and so did she