Wake Up Call: Kenya’s ‘Stone The Gays’ Bill Stopped, for now

A draft bill went to Kenya's National Assembly that proposed foreigners who commit homosexual acts be stoned in public, while Kenyan nationals found guilty will be jailed for life. According to unconfirmed reports, parliament’s legal affairs committee rejected the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as it to came into conflict with international interests. 

Kenyan gay rights activist Denis Nzioka, who has seen parliament reports, says it should be a wake-up call for LGBTIs:  ‘We have seen a lot of anti-gay sentiment being brought out by people, politicians, religious leaders. People want to go the Ugandan way, Nigerian way. ‘I thought Kenya was a safe country, the best in the continent apart from South Africa for gay rights. But things have got out of our hands. It just shows how in an instant – things can change dramatically.' Read More