Kyrgyz Parliament Proposes Criminal Liability for Protection of LGBT People's Rights

The ban proposes up to a year in prison for individuals, including journalists, found guilty of spreading “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations,” RFE/RL reported. The bill would also ban LGBT advocacy organizations.

Nika Yuryeva, LGBTIQA organization «Labrys»:
“Right now I would like to respond to one simple question, an answer to which is important, taking into account the diluted wording used in the draftlaw, such as “positive attitude”, “non traditional sexual relations”, “traditional values” and others. This question is – what have the members of the democratic Kyrgyz Parliament voted for today?

The MPs have voted for: limiting the freedom of speech and expression by also introducing criminal liability for dissemination of information (there is no country in the world with similar legislation); encouraging physical, psychological and sexual violence against a part of the Kyrgyzstani society – LGBT communities – by law enforcement agencies and radical citizens; growth of suicide rates among homosexual teenagers, who will be left without any access to information and right to support – both from their families, as well as the state; taking away the right of every citizen to form associations and organizations for protection of their own rights; violation of the Kyrgyz Constitution, as well as a number of international human rights commitments of the country…”

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