UNAIDS Executive Director delivers his World AIDS Day 2014 message

On this World AIDS Day, let us also reflect on the lives lost to Ebola, on the countries and people affected by the outbreak in West Africa. The Ebola outbreak reminds us of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. People were hiding and scared. Stigma and discrimination were widespread. There were no medicines and there was little hope. 

But today, thanks to global solidarity, social mobilization and civil society activism, we have been able, together, to transform tragedy into opportunity. We have been able to break the conspiracy of silence, to reduce the price of medicines and break the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic. This has saved millions of lives. We now have to break the epidemic for good. If we don’t, it could spring back and it will be impossible to end.

"My health, my right should be a reality for everyone, everywhere," says UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé on World AIDS Day 2017.