UN Committee against Torture reprimands Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong and China

The UN Committee against Torture published its binding "Concluding Observations" on the CAT 56th Session Homepage. As intersex human rights defenders testifying in Geneva to the lifelong consequences of intersex genital mutilation (IGM) practices had hoped for, the Committee issued strong recommendations on intersex and IGM practices for Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong and China, typically urging states to:

  • Take the necessary legislative, administrative and other measures to guarantee the respect for the physical integrity and autonomy of intersex persons and ensure that no one is subjected during infancy or childhood to unnecessary medical or surgical procedures;
  • Guarantee counselling services for all intersex children and their parents, so as to inform them of the consequences of unnecessary surgery and other medical treatment;
  • Ensure that full, free and informed consent is respected in connection with medical and surgical treatments for intersex persons and that non-urgent, irreversible medical interventions are postponed until a child is sufficiently mature to  participate in decision-making and give full, free and informed consent;
  • Provide adequate redress for the physical and psychological suffering caused by such practices to intersex persons. Read more via Stop Genital Mutilation