Activists condemn Mona Iraqi, Egyptian TV presenter who reported men to the police for "deviance" then filmed them as they were arrested

Egyptian morality police of the Cairo Security Directorate, arrested approximately 26 individuals while at a public bathhouse for men. The men were arrested for the alleged “group practice of deviance” in exchange for money inside the bathhouse.

This incident happened after the bathhouse was reported to police by media presenter Mona Iraqi, who claimed that the men turned the place into a “den of group deviance.” Iraqi did not stop at reporting these men: she accompanied the police while they stormed the place and photographed groups of men while police gathered them naked, denying them the right to put on their clothes. The men desperately tried to conceal their identities, but they were filmed and photographed in clear infringement of their privacy rights and in obvious disregard to the law.

Arrests like these have been accompanied by a still more monstrous media crusade. The media present homosexuals as a group of “sick” individuals and criminals in need of therapy — or paints them as a deviant community that spread after the revolution. Read More