Australia: Safe Schools Coalition and Minus 18 launch LGBTI lessons for teachers

It was a crush on the singer Pink that made Jaime realise she was different to other girls in her Year 8 class. Now 17 years old, it has been four years since she came out to her classmates as gay. It was a terrifying experience. "Lesbian or gay or trans people had never been talked about in a positive light in year 7 or 8. It had always been, 'don't be such a lezzo' or' that's so gay'," she said. "That really scared me and it made me feel quite anxious because I felt like I was holding in this big secret and I couldn't talk to anyone about it for fear of being shunned."

Jaimee is one of seven lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) young people telling their story as part of a groundbreaking teacher's resource to be used in year 7 and 8 classrooms. All of Us is the first resource of its kind to be funded by the federal government's Department of Education, and will be available to all schools in both the public and private sector.

Commissioned by LGBTI youth group Minus 18 and Safe Schools Coalition Australia – which has more than 470 member schools dedicated to making classrooms more inclusive and reducing bullying against same-sex attracted and gender diverse students -  it will form part of the health and physical education curriculum.  Read more via Sydney Morning Herald