Marking Transgender Day of Remembrance around the globe

On November 20, LGBT and allied people will gather to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is an annual event that gives communities an opportunity to come together and remember transgender people, gender-expansive individuals, and those perceived to be transgender who have been murdered because of hate.

Several transgender women have been killed in Argentina in the past few months, including transgender activist Diana Sacayán. It’s been reported that transgender people have been murdered in El Salvador and most recently, a transgender man in Japan was brutally murdered.

Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project reported that at least 1,700 transgender and gender-expansive people were killed in the last seven years. Brazil and Mexico have the highest number of reported murders of transgender and gender-expansive people. Despite these tragedies, HRC’s Equality Rising report also details progress being made by the transgender and intersex advocates to end discrimination, harassment and violence.   Read more via Human Rights Campaign