Kazakhstan: Senate approves ‘gay propaganda’ draft bill

The Senate of Kazakhstan has approved a draft law outlawing promotion of “non-traditional sexual orientation”. The bill, similar to the infamous Russian bill, is intended to protect children from harmful information. Although homosexuality has been legal in Kazakhstan since 1998, it is still widely frowned upon in society.

Aldan Smayil, member of Kazakhstan’s lower parliament, said: “The draft provides a ban on information products depicting cruelty and violence, provoking children to life-threatening acts, including suicide, containing scenes of pornographic, sexual and erotic nature, promoting non-traditional sexual orientation.

On presenting the draft, Mr Smayil said it’s intent was “to protect children from information that kills the feeling of warmth and humanity, which is harmful to the health and psyche, promotes violence and is, in short, spiritually devastating to the younger generation.” Read More