Orebro HK, Swedish Hockey Team, Shows LGBT Support In The Coolest Way & Gives Everyone A Reason To Celebrate Sports

For one Swedish hockey team, simply winning a game isn't enough — they need to really get their fans in on the celebratory action as well. Goalie Julius Hudacek of Örebro HK, based in Örebro, Sweden, has made it a habit after every victory to give the team's supporters a warm show of thanks by taking to the ice once more and treating them to a hilarious display of athletic buffoonery (past activities have included playing leap-frog, juggling, cross-country skiing, and dressing up as Santa and letting a teammate drag him around the ice).

But it seems that both goalie and team have outdone themselves this time: on Saturday, Hudacek and the Örebro squad donned rainbow-striped jerseys for their game against the Frölunda Hockey Club and celebrated their win afterward by dancing to the Village People's "YMCA," in support of the region's LGBT Pride Night.  Read More