Russia: Police raid the lesbians who trolled leading anti-gay politician

Being gay is dangerous business in Russia, but it’s especially risky when you troll the country’s leading opponent of gay rights. 

Lesbian club owners were flying to St. Petersburg, when they spotted Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker famous for initiating Russia’s crackdown on LGBT rights. Not fans of his politics, the girls photographed themselves kissing in front of Milonov, and tweeted the images, creating a viral sensation. Milonov didn’t find the stunt very amusing, however. He called the girls “crazy little morons” and said he was “ashamed for their parents, who raised such idiots.”

Two days later, an anti-gay online community based in Moscow published a call to get Infinity closed down. Community members were encouraged to appeal to Roskomnadzor, Russia’s state-run media watchdog, and federal anti-drug agents, based on claims that Infinity opens its doors to minors and operates as a center for illegal drug use. The anti-gay group makes no secret of why it targeted club Infinity, citing the “kissing selfies” incident with Milonov on the airplane.

Police raided the club this week, citing the owners provocation. Read More