Nigeria: Football team Falcons openly discuss faith, but not sexuality

For Nigeria's women's national soccer team, the word "inclusive" has different meanings. Nigeria is a deeply faithful team, praying in small groups on the field before beginning warm-ups for each match and dropping to their knees to do the same following goals they score, including both Muslim and Christian faiths. Yet, a source says that at least two players who would be on the team for the 2015 World Cup are not because they are thought to be gay.

"If a player comes out and says, 'I'm gay,' then the trouble doesn't just start and end with the player," the source tells Wahl. "It goes all the way back to the family: parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, everything. One person just sparks off a chain reaction. That's why it's so tough."

Asked about the topic in a press conference on Monday, Okon said he does not address sexuality within the team. "I don't know what you mean by 'homosexual,' he said. "I don't deal with personal lives. I think of the game proper. I only think of what they do on the pitch. That is what concerns me."  Read More