UNAIDS chief: Today's HIV epidemic is 'completely different'

The health community is celebrating a victory at the Third International Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this week: the successful completion of the 6th Millennium Development Goal for combating the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Speaking on the sidelines, UNAIDS Executive Director was asked on the challenges moving forward to bring an AIDS-free generation. 

One concern raised was that HIV programing and funding has expanded beyond HIV. Michel Sidibé noted that the epidemic is 'completely different' than it was 30 years ago, noting that there are multiple epidemics and multiple 'driving forces of death.' He continued: 

"It’s the same for reforming laws. With bad laws you know that people will just go underground. Gay people are not anymore reached in many places because of homophobic laws. I don’t think they are going beyond their mandate, because giving only pills is not changing the face of the epidemic. We are talking also about restoring [the] dignity of people."  Read More