Burundi: New measures restricting the freedoms of organization

After the formation of his government, the President of the Republic His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza in his speech to the nation announced new reforms. In these reforms, the President particularly noted the establishment of a Commission for national and international NGOs.

"We will examine in depth how to put feet on a commission of national and international NGOs, approve and monitor how they are doing their job: it is shown that a disorder exists in these organizations. The Commission will monitor the achievements of these NGOs to their contribution to the development of the country is more visible and increases in accordance with new regulatory provisions that will be defined soon."

Although these measures will affect all NGOs working in Burundi in general, organizations working on LGBTI theme will be affected in particular. At present, no identity LGBTI organization has been registered despite multiple attempts. The reforms announced by the President of the Republic may destroy the efforts and advocacy work already undertaken since 2009 by LGBTI organizations in Burundi. Read More via Mouvement pour les Libertés Individuelles