Russia: Putin awards anti-gay crusader Milonov medal for diligent work

President Vladimir Putin has awarded the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov the medal of the order "For merits before Fatherland" II degree for his legislative activity and many years of diligent work. Medal of the order "For merits before Fatherland" is awarded for "implementation specific and useful for the country's Affairs" and "a great contribution to the protection of the Fatherland."

Known for provocative initiatives and statements, Milonov offered an uncharacteristic apology for his “rude” statements while in the same radio interview referring to liberals as “dogs” and an LGBT rights activist as “non-human.”

Offering more of his trademark comments, Milonov said he would like to become head of a Russian region that he would name “Spiritual Constantinople,” — a region without alcoholics or LGBT people, Govorit Moskva said Thursday in a separate report.

“We would create a model region: There would be not a single prostitute, not a single drug addict, all alcoholics would be in [treatment facilities] LTPs, we would have 'vice police' units operating, [there would be] not a single gay person,” Govorit Moskva quoted him as saying. “It would be the ideal region.” Read More via Moscow Times