Seven ways the gay community is failing our youth on HIV

At a passing glance, it would seem as if gay men in America were on top of their game. After all, gay characters are more visible in the media than ever, public opposition to homosexuality has drifted into minority status, and same-sex marriage isn’t just a geographical privilege, but a national right.

But while the mainstream status of the young gay man has drastically improved, the status of his sexual health isn’t looking so good. A new research analysis reported that young people ages 13 to 24 now account for a quarter of new HIV infections, with only 7% of youth in the study reaching undetectable viral levels after diagnosis. This number, which is far below the national undetectable average of 30%, gives insight as to why HIV infection is up 132.5% among young gay men in the same age range over the past decade.

This stain on the gay rights report card demonstrates a glaring omission in our advocacy work. While we have been teaching young gay men the importance of business, family, and law, sexual health has been all but omitted from the curriculum. In honor of the 7%, here are seven ways we are failing young gay men.  Read More via the Advocate