Sweden: First LGBT retirement home - a model for rainbow ageing?

There's a lengthy waiting list for a place at Sweden's first retirement home for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, its success highlighting a growing demand for accommodation specifically for elderly LGBT people.

Sweden is ranked as one of Europe's best countries for LGBT rights, according to an index that ranks European countries based on legal benchmarks for LGBT equality. Opened in 2013, Regnbagen, or rainbow house, doesn't look any different from the other modern apartment blocks in the quiet, leafy Stockholm suburb that overlooks the city's port.

Christer Fallman, Regnbagen's founder, said he liked the idea of creating a home where elderly gay and bisexual people could peacefully retire. "We are a group of people that has been harassed and seen as criminals and dismissed by law," he said. "The whole question started within myself: what will I do, what are my possibilities as a single man if I don't find anyone to live with, what will my older days look like?" Read More via Reuters