Syria: Teenager thrown from roof 'for being gay' - but the ISIS chief spared

Militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) executed a teenage boy by throwing him off a roof in Syria’s eastern city of Deir ez-Zor for being gay, local sources reported. The 15-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants on charges of homosexuality. 

“The horrific execution took place in front of a large crowd,” a local media activist and an eyewitness said. An informed source reported that the victim was captured “in the house of an ISIS leader." Media activist Sarai al-Din revealed the boy was accused of homosexual relations with prominent ISIS officer Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi. While the boy was executed, Abu Zaid was expelled to Iraq after being deprived of his position.

According to pro-ISIS sources, the Sharia Court in Deir ez-Zor had demanded the execution of Abu Zaid for being homosexual, but the ISIS top commanders insisted to let him join the battlefronts in Iraq instead, as the group has been recently exposed to heavy losses in battles both in Syria and Iraq.  Read more via ARA