UN: Press briefing notes on Malawi

We are concerned by recent developments in Malawi, where the spokesperson of one of the country’s main political parties recently described gay and lesbian people as “worse than dogs” and called for them to be killed. 

Mr Msonda was subsequently charged under section 124(1)(b) of the Penal Code, which makes it a criminal offence to incite others to break the law.  He was due to appear before the Blantyre Magistrate Court today, 22 January, after a criminal case was initiated by two civil society organizations. 

Regrettably, the Director of Public Prosecutions filed a notice before the Chief Magistrate’s Court to discontinue the case, underlining that the State will not prosecute Mr Msonda. 

We are concerned that the failure to prosecute this case sends a dangerous message that inciting others to kill gay people is legitimate and will be tolerated by the authorities – in effect encouraging violent threats and attacks on the gay and lesbian community in Malawi.  Read more via UN