David Cameron in Jamaica: Prime Minister must highlight violent homophobia and 'batty bwoy' hatred

To his great credit, David Cameron has previously promised that his government will champion LGBT rights worldwide: declaring that LGBT rights are universal human rights and that Britain will use its influence to defend the rights of sexual and gender minorities worldwide. Bravo!

As he visits Jamaica, the Prime Minister will have a chance to make good that commitment in a country where it really matters and where his words can make a positive impact. Jamaica is a country where a declaration of support for LGBT equality is desperately needed. Most local politicians and the government shy away from the issue. Around 80% of the population oppose LGBT people and LGBT rights. Mob violence against known or suspected LGBT people is not uncommon.

In these hateful circumstances, only a handful of Jamaicans are openly LGBT. There are no well known out public figures. The gay activist Brian Williamson was the first person to come out and be reported in the media as an openly gay man. He was brutally murdered in a frenzied knife attack in 2004. Read More via IBT