UK: Parliament to hear case for introducing a legal ‘third gender’

The government’s new Parliamentary Women’s and Equalities Committee is to hear evidence from a one-sided panel on the possibility of introducing a “third gender” into the British legal system. Choosing to have no gender on a passport is already allowed in Australia and New Zealand, and Ireland passed a new law at the end of July to allow the transgendered to be recognized as their “true gender.”

According to The Gender Recognition Act of 2004, trans people can legally swap between the two legally recognised genders in the UK. However, so-called “gender non-conforming,” “non-gendered” and “gender neutral” people are a specific category of the transgendered.

Rather than wanting to merely transition from one gender to another they often prefer to invent a gender all of their own; such as “pangender,” “gender fluid,” “transmasculine” or “queer gender.”  Read More via Breitbart