Australia: The importance of LGBTI indigenous inclusion

Does LGBTI solidarity exclude Indigenous people? Andrew Farrell urges non-Indigenous LGBTI people to look to inclusion: We live in a diverse system of social and cultural worlds, all of which are performed on Indigenous land. On a practical level, what can you — as non-Indigenous LGBTI people — do to support racially-diverse minorities? 

As an Indigenous person first and foremost, I am obliged to be aware of the land I am standing on. As a queer-identified person, I have often felt that I have had to forfeit my cultural identity and its conventions in order to belong. Minority inclusion, awareness, and representation are important for mediating that space.

I shouldn’t have to adjust or calibrate my cultural identity in order to exist in the LGBTI community. The LGBTI community prides itself on being diverse. That diversity is not limited to our sexual and gendered identities. 

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