Ukraine: Gay couple violently attacked for holding hands in public

A shocking video shows the reaction of a group of neo-Nazis to a gay couple holding hands in public. The video shows Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuk holding hands in the Ukrainian capital, in order to gauge the response from the public.

ChebuRussia TV of YouTube previously conducted a social experiment to see what would happen when two men holding hands walked through the streets of Moscow, Russia. For both videos, footage was captured by a third member walking in front of them with a camera hidden in his bag. The first part of the experiment in Ukraine shows no extreme reactions other than some funny looks, and one group of women actually just want to have their photo taken with the couple. 

The couple are later attacked with pepper spray and beaten. Despite the violent attack, the couple say in the video that they see the overall lack of reaction as a “step forward”. Read More