Australia: This new drama puts LGBT teens at the forefront

Soaps like Home and Away and Neighbours have been a staple on Australian television for decades. Now, a groundbreaking new drama with LGBT teens at the forefront is hoping to find a home among the gum trees.

With a fresh Aussie cast, strong community backing, and a pilot launched on YouTube just last week, Subject to Change has picked up fans already. But now, its creators are looking for a network or streaming service to back the show – and bring episode two to life. Fundamentally, Subject to Change is about the trials and tribulations of high school. It stars three unlikely best friends: neat freak Ben (Aiden Debono), who likes guys, but can’t tell anyone; obnoxious, tomboyish Karly (Maryann Wright), obsessed with soccer and music; and Evie (Katy Avery) who is caught up with body image, bullying, and boys. 

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