Peru: “I have rights” photo exhibition depicts the lives of transgender people

Transgender people often face violence, unemployment and poverty, owing to ignorance and prejudice. Such stigma and discrimination places transgender women at a higher risk of HIV infection. 

All people are equal and no one should be discriminated for any reason. “In our country it will take a lot to make this affirmation a reality,” the Peru’s Ombudsman Eduardo Vega Luna said in response to the situation. However, he called for “more awareness campaigns that encourage citizens to look at the future with hope and without violence and discrimination.”

One such activity was recently organized by UN organizations in Peru and civil society organizations: The exhibition, “Yo tengo derechos”, meaning “I have rights”, presented photographs taken by Danielle Villasana. 

The photographs in the exhibition—part of the United Nations Free and Equal campaign—showed transgender people with their colleagues and family members in their daily lives as students, artists, professionals and activists. In their testimonies for the exhibition, transgender people spoke about happiness, love and how they cope with daily struggles. Read more via UNAIDS