Canada: Third country to approve PrEP

Canada followed in the footsteps of the US and France by becoming the latest country to approve HIV-prevention medication pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The approval of PrEP is expected to lead to lower prices for the drug in Canada, as well as a potential increase in prescriptions.

The US has had PrEP since 2012 while France only had it approved last November. The World Health Organisation has also endorsed it. In Australia, doctors can prescribe the medication to patients but it is only available to those who can afford to import it from online pharmacies.

Following Canada’s approval of the drug, the Greens last week on the Federal Government to fast-track its approval in Australia.

“There is now a strong evidence base and consensus amongst Australian non-government organisations working in this area that PrEP, along with rapid HIV tests and home self-tests are vital to add to the prevention tools currently available, so the government should be doing all it can to speed up availability,” South Australian Greens Senator Robert Simms said.  Read more via Star Observer