South Africa: After Monday's Event At Wits We Know the Student Movement Has Been Deeply Fractured

In the confusion of an attempted campus shutdown at Wits on Monday, the national student movement suffered a severe fragmentation. And it's not like the movements across campuses this year have been a testimony to unity anyway. 

A protest at Wits University on Monday did not outline any specific demands, and many students - including those involved in the movement - questioned its legitimacy, after it came to light that secret and closed meetings had been held over the weekend. The labelling of the movement as "intersectional" was also doubted when it emerged that some members of the movement regarded feminism and consideration of LGBTIAQ+ rights as divisive to the movement.

Many called out the patriarchal culture characterizing the movement and spoke against defending student leaders who were violating women. Two images of female protesters being restrained by male protesters are being circulated on social media‚ prompting angry outbursts.

This is how the partial shutdown unfolded. Read more via All Africa