Parliament calls on Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Albania to respect LGBTI

In the last of its annual progress reports on accession countries, the European Parliament evaluated the situation in Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, including the situation of LGBTI people.

In its report on Turkey, parliament highlights its concerns with the backsliding on democratic norms, like the freedom of expression and the media. Furthermore, the Parliament regrets the failure to include protection for LGBT people in the Hate Crimes Bill. Hate Crimes against LGBTI people are a big problem in Turkey, which too often remains unpunished, or sentences are reduced on account of the victim’s alleged ‘unjust provocation’.

In its report on Albania, the European Parliament highlights the successful Tirana Pride, which was held without major incidents in June 2015. It calls the effective legislative and policy measures to reinforce the protection of human rights, minority rights and anti-discrimination policies a key priority.

Regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Parliament calls for a country-wide anti-discrimination strategy and for the inclusion of a clear definition of gender identity, sexual orientation in the country’s anti-discrimination law. The parliament expresses its concerns over hate violence, hate speech targeting LGBTI persons, and accordingly calls on the government to undertake awareness-raising actions on the rights of LGBTI people among the judiciary, law enforcement agencies and the general public. Read more via Intergroup on LGBTI Rights