Canada: Transgender man beaten to get $15k compensation from nightclub

A transgender man who was physically assaulted and humiliated by a bouncer at a nightclub in Ontario is awarded $15,000 in compensation. The altercation took place two years ago, when the victim, Caesar Lewis, was with his friends at Mississauga’s Sugar Daddy’s Night Club.

Lewis, who is in his mid-twenties, described to the court that he was in the men’s washroom when a bouncer of the nightclub came banging on his cubicle, demanding him to leave or he would be thrown out. However, before Lewis was ready, the bouncer forced open the door and dragged him out with his pants still at his knees.

Lewis’s friend, who is also a transgender male, said it was their right to use the men’s washroom, but the bouncer yelled back: ‘You freaks need to get your fucking faggot asses out of this club.'  Read more via Gay Star News