Tunisia: Pour la dépénalisation de l'homosexualité en Tunisie

Press release FROM Shams, the Tunisian LGBT association, about the campaign calling for lynching of homosexuals in Tunisia

Tunisia is experiencing a large anti-LGBT campaign launched by a Tunisian artist on primetime broadcast TV channel. This artist has charged hate speech against homosexuals in Tunisia, calling for their outright exclusion. After this media outlet, another artist participated in another show/debate on the same TV channel; to support the first artist and disparage Tunisian gays. Since then, different anonymous individual have taken the initiative of a campaign on social networks calling clearly "to burn all Tunisian gays or cut their throats," in the manner of video DAECH. The trend continues to increase now with shops who stick a sign where it is written: " No homosexuals in this store."

Violent acts have reached the point that a young university student was physically assaulted by passing because he was mannered and suspected to be gay. Up to now, Public Authorities remained silent and showed very little interest to take formal or law actions to deter violence and refrain this cascade of violence and discrimination against homosexuals in Tunisia.  Read more via Facebook