UK: Prime Minister Theresa May: I ‘recognise concerns’ about transgender children

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she recognises “concerns” about transgender children, after a question from a Tory MP who opposes LGBT rights.

The Prime Minister was answering a question in Parliament from David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth and a strong opponent of transgender rights.

Davies claimed earlier this year that transgender women “should be expected to use male facilities” unless they undergo a sterilising surgery, also referring to a trans woman as a “he/she”.

In his question to the PM, Davies claimed that “children as young as 12 are being labelled as transgender and prescribed potentially life-altering sex change drugs”, calling for the law to be “tightened to prevent this potential mistreatment of vulnerable young people”.

A number of Conservative MPs loudly cheered his question.

In her response, the Prime Minister pointed out that it is incorrect to suggest that children aged 12 are being given “sex change drugs”. Hormone treatment is not routinely offered to transgender children on the NHS until age 16.

The PM said: “My honourable friend raises what is a very sensitive issue.

“As he will be aware, obviously health is a devolved matter in Wales. In England the NHS has very strict guidelines regarding the prescriptions of these kinds of medications to young people. Read more via Pink News