Australia: LGBTI Australians are less trusting of their neighbors than straight people

New research has shown the mental health of LGBTI people continues to be a major issue for the community.

The team behind new research said discrimination and exclusion are taking its toll on the health of LGBTI people. The research comes from the state health service VicHealth in Australia. It found significantly lower levels of mental wellbeing amongst the LGBTI community.

The research of more than 22,000 LGBTI Victorians rated their mental wellbeing score as 73.6 compared with 77.5 for their heterosexual counterparts.

It also found LGBTI Victorians reported lower life satisfaction and were less trusting in and less connected to their local communities. Only six in 10 LGBTI people in regional Victoria agree their community members can be trusted compared with eight in 10 heterosexual people. While two in three believed people in their community were willing to help their neighbours compared with three-quarters of heterosexuals.

‘Everyone deserves the same opportunity to experience good health and happiness. However this new research shows LGBTI Victorians are experiencing poorer mental wellbeing than their heterosexual neighbours,’ said VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter

‘An extensive body of previous research has shown that homophobia and discrimination have an extremely serious impact on mental wellbeing of LGBTI people, leading to feelings of isolation and disconnection from their community. Read more via Gay Star News