Australia: Trans elders are 'preserving' their stories in a novel way

An unique project is helping older trans and gender diverse people find a community to bond with.

The Abundance Project leans into the tradition of using Fowlers jars to preserve fruit and vegetables when they are in abundance – so they can be shared with others or kept for leaner times.

Trans people in Victoria, Australia are coming together during two High Tea workshops to make their preserves. It will be a chance to share their stories and to make new friends.

The elders shared their stories about accepting themselves and the fun they had on the day.

‘I pickled beetroot because it’s one thing that I’ve loved all my life,’ participant Sally Conning said.

‘I mightn’t have always loved myself but I’ve always loved beetroot. I realise now I don’t try to be anything other than myself.

‘I’m proud of myself. I found out who I am. I am the girl I want to be.’

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