LGBTQ YouTubers Like Hannah Hart, Jackson Bird Empurple Their Feeds For GLAAD’s Spirit Day

An anti-bullying campaign prompted members of the YouTube community to go purple. Several creators, including members of the LGBTQ community and their allies, posted videos and decorated their social media feeds to correspond with Spirit Day, an initiative spearheaded by GLAAD.

On October 19, GLAAD invited its supporters to display their purple colors in order to show solidarity with LGBTQ youth, who often face bullying and harassment. Some creators, such as Bethany Mota and Mitch Grassi of Superfruit, posted tweets as part of their participation in the movement.

Others dedicated videos to the Spirit Day initiative and the cause it stands for. Jackson Bird (pictured above) empurpled himself as he shared statistics related to bullying in the LGBTQ community, while Hannah Hart teamed up with Raymond Braun to launch her own clip related to that subject. Hart, who has been honored by GLAAD in the past and now sits on the organization’s Board of Directors, gave Braun a chance to tell viewers about the harassment he faced as a young gay man. Read more via tubefilter