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Author and television personality Perez Hilton

I always knew I wanted kids. For me, it wasn’t a question of if it was a question of when.

People have many questions.

Let me try and answer some here!

I recently welcomed my youngest daughter, Mayte Amor, on October 4th. She’s joined by big brother Mario, 4, and sister Mia Alma, 2.

All kids are mine genetically. Each was born thanks to the generosity of a different surrogate, using eggs from the same anonymous donor.

I used an agency to guide me through the whole process, which can be quite complicated (and expensive). There are no national standardized laws for surrogacy. In fact, many states prohibit it!

For my firstborn, Mario, I actually had to have a court-appointed observer interview me and visit my home and present their findings to a judge. I then had to show up in court myself and petition to that judge why my own son should be handed over to me upon birth and me given custody. 

The process got simpler by baby #2.

I do hope as the years go on that we can reach more understanding about surrogacy. And, hopefully, make it legal across the country! Not just for us but for our straight allies who are having difficulties too!

Many people ask why I didn’t adopt. Would they ask a heteresexual couple that same question?

Why wouldn’t I want to have my own biological children?

While I don’t rule out adoption in the future, for me it was important to have kids with my DNA. My dad passed away when I was 15 and having my children is a way of him living on through them ― literally.

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