Australia: Pediatricians warn that same sex marriage debate is harming children

AUSTRALIA’S top paediatricians have warned that discriminatory rhetoric in the gay marriage debate is harming the wellbeing of children in same-sex families.

An analysis of studies to be released by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has found children of same-sex parents do just as well emotionally, educationally and socially as children raised in traditional families.

Senior author Frank Oberklaid said family processes such as quality of parenting, parental wellbeing and the nurturing qualities in the home were more important than the gender of the parents.

“The strong consensus from the studies that are methodologically sound is that there are no ill effects from being raised in same-sex families,” he said.

“This will both reassure the many families in Australia who are same gender, and it really sort of undermines the case for those that have claimed we are raising a potential future Stolen Generation.” Read more via Courier Mail