US: Threatening Anti-Gay Fliers Appear At Cleveland University The Same Day Campus LGBT Center Opens

Anti-LGBT fliers appeared on the main campus of Cleveland State University on Monday, the same day the school opened a new LGBT student center.

The signs featured a figure with its head in a noose, with a caption reading “Follow your fellow faggots.”

Also included were various statistics purported to indicate links between suicide and the LGBT community—including that 30% of suicides are LGBT-related and 34% of trans people attempt suicide. (Studies actually put that last statistic closer to 40%.) No one has taken credit for the fliers yet, though there is an attribution to “Fascist Solutions.”

In a statement Tuesday, CSU President Ron Berkman said the school condemns discrimination, but strangely added it was also committed to the First Amendment, “even with regard to controversial issues where opinion is divided.”

President Berkman later apologized for failing to express “my personal outrage” over the homophobic posters. This is not the first time—or the first city—to be hit with these signs: In April, the same flyer was spotted on a bus shelter in Houston’s gayborhood of Montrose. Read more via NewNowNext