Belarus: Gay clubs raided and dating app shut down in ‘alarming’ crackdown on LGBT people

LGBT people in yet another former Soviet state are facing an “alarming” crackdown. Two clubs popular with the LGBT community in Belarus were raided this weekend, with customers harassed and detained by police. A popular dating site for gay men has also reportedly been shut down by the government.

The move was apparently taken on the direct orders of President Alexander Lukashenko, a dictator who is the country’s only ever president. The Russian LGBT Network, who helped to evacuate 40 gay and bi men from Chechnya earlier this year, said that riot police took clubgoers’ data. 

“Some visitors were detained,” the group reported. “The reasons for the detentions are not known.” An eyewitness who spoke to the group said that authorities asked people “to show their passports and copied data from them. “One of them was taken from the club before my eyes.” Read more via Pink News