9 unlikely LGBTI icons who give us life

Earlier this year, Twitter announced that the Babadook was a ‘gay icon.’ The Babadook is the titular antagonist of the critically-acclaimed 2014 Australian horror film of the same name – about a troubled boy terrorized by an imaginary monster. He was exalted to icon status after Netflix accidentally categorized the movie in its LGBTQ section.

What’s more, Twitter has since decided that The Babadook is in a relationship with another horror-superstar, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, from this year’s blockbuster scary movie It.

The news about horror’s new gay power couple got us thinking about other unlikely LGBTI icons. (Including a few actual human ones!). Here, the GSN editorial team discuss those who have provided unexpected inspiration, in the pursuit of strength, love and self-acceptance…

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