Egypt: Authorities Arrest 57 In Worst Anti-LGBT Crackdown In More Than A Decade

It started with something as innocent as waving a rainbow flag. Now dozens of LGBT people have been arrested in in Egypt in one of the country’s biggest crackdowns on LGBT rights.

On September 22, concertgoers waved Pride flags at a Mashrou’ Leila concert at Cairo Festival City in New Cairo. (Lead singer Hamed Sinno is openly gay and some of the band’s songs address queer themes.)

After images of the flags surfaced on social media, police used security-camera footage to identify and arrest participants. Days later, the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) prohibited any positive depiction of the LGBT community in the media and Mashrou’ Leila was banned from performing in the country again.

Now, Amnesty International reports, police have started a manhunt against homosexuals and those who support gay rights: Some 57 people—including at least one woman—have been arrested in Cairo, Giza, and Damietta on charges ranging from “debauchery” and “inciting sexual deviancy” to “joining an outlawed group.” Nine have received prison sentences, and an additional 35 are facing trial. (Several detainees have been subjected to forced anal examinations.)

“The scale of the latest arrests highlights how dangerously entrenched homophobia is within the country,” said Amnesty International’s Najia Bounaim.  “The Egyptian authorities’ announcement that they are investigating the rainbow flag incident as a criminal act is utterly absurd. No one should be punished for expressing solidarity with LGBT individuals or based on their perceived sexual orientation.”

Homosexuality is not technically illegal in Egypt, but laws like the ones against debauchery are often used to persecute LGBT Egyptians. (Parliament is considering criminalizing same-sex relations with up to 15 years in prison.) The current clampdown is the most severe since 2001, when 52 men were arrested at a floating gay nightclub

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