UK: 80% fall in new HIV diagnoses at Europe’s largest sexual health clinic

Clinicians at Europe’s largest sexual health clinic have recorded a major fall in new HIV diagnoses.

56 Dean Street, in central London, has recorded an 80% fall in diagnoses compared with 2015, while continuing to test the same number of people. The figures have fallen from 72 a month in two years ago, to 11 in September 2017. Doctors now believe a month with zero HIV diagnoses is possible after adopting San Francisco’s ‘Getting To Zero’ campaign.

Drs. Nneka Nwokolo and Alan McOwan, consultants at the clinic operated by Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, say: “It is crucial that those who do contract HIV are diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity to improve their health. Late diagnosis can cause significant and avoidable health complications.

“Successful treatment has been shown to prevent transmission to sexual partners and there is excellent data showing that people with an undetectable viral load under treatment cannot transmit HIV.

“The reduction in new diagnoses has been predominantly in gay men and it is crucial that other groups at risk including women, those from ethnic minorities and transgender groups are made aware of PrEP and other prevention measures. Read more via PinkNews