Australia: WA Government apologises to those convicted under anti-homosexuality laws before 1990.

Having consensual sex with another man didn’t just lead to a criminal conviction for Gary Martin’s partner of 21 years, it resulted in involuntary electric shock aversion therapy.

Decades ago, authorities believed they could change someone’s sexual orientation by sending an electrical current through their body.

“He was shown gay pornography and given electric shock to change him,” Mr Martin said on the steps of Parliament yesterday.

Mr Martin and about 50 other members of the gay community had just witnessed a moment in history — an apology from the WA Government to all those people convicted under anti-homosexuality laws before 1990, when the laws were changed.

“On behalf of the Government of WA I am sorry for the hurt , the prejudice, for the active discrimination that ruined lives,” Premier Mark McGowan said. “I know for those convicted under these old and unjust laws it has been a long wait to clear your name.” Read more via the West