This new campaign urges gay Middle Eastern and North African men to get tested

A new campaign urges men in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to get tested. It also tries to highlight the warning signs for illnesses affecting men the most.

During November, M-Coalition – an organization set up to cater for Arab men who have sex with men – produced a series of infographics to highlight the most common health problems.

Written in both Arabic and English, the infographics aim to break stigma in men seen as weak if they get tested. 

Executive director of M-Coalition Elie Ballan told Gay Star News: ‘In the MENA region, there still is the idea that men who make annual blood tests or regular medical checkups are often treated as hypochondriacs.

‘Men are mocked if they cannot bear some pain. Masculinities are challenged if they do not just bear with it to go away.

‘Health is usually not a major concern. Unless there is a major emergency such as an infection or unbearable pain,’ he said. Read more via Gay Star News