Canada: 1st trans mayor elected in village west of Montreal

The small village of Très-Saint-Redempteur, Que., near the Ontario border, is known for its towering historical Catholic church — and now, for being home to Canada's first openly transgender mayor.

The election of Julie Lemieux last Sunday flew under the radar as the surprising victory of Valérie Plante, Montreal's first elected woman mayor, stole the headlines. 

The irony of her religiously-rooted village having been the one to create the milestone was not lost on Lemieux.  Lemieux, 45, isn't only the first known trans person to be elected in Canada, she is the first woman to be elected in her municipality, founded in 1880.

"It's really a place and a village that is bold and innovative," she said. "We're writing history and I have a lot to offer."

Lemieux, who won 48 per cent of the Très-Saint-Redempteur vote in the Nov. 5 province-wide municipal elections, told Radio-Canada earlier that she believes the villagers chose her "to incarnate change."

Her identity as a trans woman did not feature in her campaign, but the fact that she is the first elected to a mayoral post in the country is a point of pride. Read more via CBC