US: Outside the Supreme Court, demonstrators on both sides of cake case fear for their freedoms

Around the time the Supreme Court was wrapping up the 90-minute argument Tuesday morning in the case of a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding, two crowds huddled against the cold outside the court, about 50 feet apart from each other.

One group, waving “Justice for Jack” signs, believed that baker Jack C. Phillips shouldn’t have to make a cake if it goes against his religious beliefs. The other, waving rainbow flags, said the Supreme Court shouldn’t allow businesses to discriminate.

From across the street, onlookers could hear congressmen and activists in both groups booming into their microphones at once.

The two parallel rallies outside the court Tuesday morning, each of roughly the same size, expressed the fervent fears that people on both sides of the issue have regarding the outcome of this case. Those supporting Phillips worry they could be compelled to put aside their religious beliefs in the workplace. Those opposing the baker fear undermining civil rights protections not only for gay and lesbian couples but for women, African Americans and many others. Both sides voiced their opinions Tuesday with signs, songs, balloons and Bible verses. Read more via Washington Post