Ireland following UK’s footsteps on gay and bisexual pardons

A bill to pardon gay and bisexual men convicted in Ireland of now abolished sexual offenses cleared a major parliamentary hurdle in the Seanad. Senator Gerald Nash’s Convictions for Certain Sexual Offences (Apology and Exoneration) Bill mirrors similar legislation that has taken effect in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Minister David Stanton, speaking for the Department of Justice, did outline concerns over provisions of the bill. Mr. Stanton also said there was a “difficult question of legal theory” around whether the bill can grant an apology and exoneration to those convicted prior to the creation of Saorstát Éireann.

But he told senators: “Despite the concerns expressed, the Government does not, of course, oppose the principle of this Bill.

“These issues are raised simply to highlight the areas which the Government believes require further consideration if the Bill is to achieve its purpose and not have unintended consequences. Read more via Irish Legal