Pride 2017: Be Proud, Be Loud, Be You

InterPride, the International Association for Pride Organizers, whose member organizations produce Pride events around the world, is calling on LGBTQ+ people everywhere to attend and support local Prides everywhere, rising up to tell the world that they will not be silent in the face of oppression.

June is traditionally the main month when LGBTQ+ people around the world take to the streets to celebrate pride and in myriad ways demonstrate the diversity of our community and our allies. But 2017 is very different. After years of progress on many fronts we now have fervent opponents of LGBTQ equality in control of every branch of the US government. Pride has taken on a new urgency in 2017. With celebrations happening in hundreds of locations throughout the month and The Equality March for Unity & Pride centered in Washington, DC on June 11, there will be opportunities for everyone to show their Pride, protest anti-LGBTQ efforts and put a face on the larger community at this critical time.

InterPride is the international organization that ties Pride together globally. Members of our organization are dedicated volunteers who organize and work to put on Pride events all over the world. Read more via Globe News Wire