US: When Will Hollywood Movies Get LGBT Characters Right?

Out of 125 movies released by the major studios in 2016, there was one transgender character: a non-binary fashion model named All who was used as a punchline in Zoolander 2 when a character asks if All has “a hot dog or a bun.”

That single depressing fact is far from the only one found in GLAAD’s newly-released 2017 Studio Responsibility Index, an annual tracking of LGBT representation in film that now grades the major studios—Fox, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Disney, and Warner Brothers—on a five-star scale. Universal scored the highest this year with a three-star rating of “insufficient”; the rest earned two stars or below.

“We still struggle to see meaningful improvement in Hollywood’s depiction of LGBTQ characters and stories,” wrote GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis in a letter introducing the report. “Major releases continue to lag behind the groundbreaking stories we see in independent films (like Moonlight) and even further behind the LGBTQ stories on TV and streaming series like Sense8 and Steven Universe.” Read more via Daily Beast